Ground Enhancement

Much can be done by way of remediation after a building has been completed and problems start to appear, or when a historical building starts to reveal that the technology available when it was built was more limited in comparison to what we have at our disposal today.

We offer various solutions

Equipped as we are with all sorts of drilling and investigative equipment, we are sure to get you out of a rut!

We offer:

● Installation and monitoring of crack monitors (we are sole distributors for Avongard)

● Design and excavation of micro piles
● Excavation of micropiles, custom steel reinforcement cages, and concreting (with a minimum headroom of 3m)
● Design and installation of ground anchors / rock bolts in any direction
● Short or long term / seasonal monitoring
● Design and excavation of piles

Avail yourself from our vast experience in ground enhancement, we are only a phone call away.


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Last updated on 14.06.23

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