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Structural Investigations 

Solidbase has extensive experience in carrying out structural element condition surveys backed up with both destructive and non-destructive testing techniques on all types of reinforced and mass concrete, masonry, and steel structures including buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads and viaducts.

Worried about a structural element in your property?

We have assisted many home owners in such predicaments. We have the means to give you the answers you are looking for as well as advice on how to proceed. Read on . . .

We can provide a comprehensive service from sampling and analysis to preparation and presentation of expert reports.
Structural Surveys
A powerful combination of our in-house expertise together with industry standard investigation techniques enable us to provide the following structural surveys among others:
    Depth of carbonisation
    Half cell potentiometer
    Cover meter
    Crack measurement and monitoring
    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
    Vibration monitoring
    Load / deflection performance
    Strain measurement
    Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) testing
    Remote CCTV (borescope) inspections
    Concrete petrography
    Cause of failure and the presence of defects

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