Geotechnical Investigation

The performance of rocks and soils can have a significant influence on the progress and cost of the construction process. Sub-surface conditions can effect both the structure and materials used physically and chemically.

Solidbase offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical services:

Initial desk study and walk-over surveys: As a first step in the investigative process, desk studies and site surveys are carried out by a qualified geotechnical engineer. On the basis of the findings and taking into account the proposed project, Solidbase can offer advice on how the investigation should proceed to maximise the benefit of the investigation.
On-site investigative techniques: Our geotechnical services include but are not limited to:
● Trial pit excavation and logging
● Constant pressure open-hole drilling with recording of penetration time at specified intervals
● Drilling with core recovery utilising:
     ● double-wall, triple-wall, or split-tube samplers (for hard or fractured rock).
     ● Denison Samplers (for cohesive soils, sands, soft and eroded materials), or
     ● thin wall 'Shelby' samplers (for undisturbed sampling in clays)
● Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs)
● Down-hole permeability tests
Factual only or interpretative reports: Our geotechnical team are leaders in their field. We are capable of presenting borehole logs together with recommendations for cost-effective and safe construction methods as well as remedial interventions to stop or make good any damage caused by sub-surface movement in existing structures. We can provide:
● Borehole logs including the determination of rock mass parameters, such as rock quality designation, core recovery and fracture count
● Interpretation of trial pit, borehole, and in-situ and laboratory tests
● Determination of safe bearing capacity for different foundation types
● Slope stability analysis
● Rock mass classification
● Recommendations for foundation type
● Estimates of settlement for a proposed foundation based on test result data obtained
● Numerical simulation of ground-related engineering problems such as slope stability analysis based on test result data

We also carry out piling works

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