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Material Engineering Labs, University of Malta
We were called in late in the day on this project. The contractor was struggling to reach the requirements of the tender document. With our input, some construction related issues were solved, we also assisted the contractor in producing better concrete to mitigate the issues previously encountered. A trained and competent quality assurance inspector was assigned to the site on a full-time basis to monitor and report on the day-to-day activities and to organise materials sampling.

Grade-Separated Junction at Kappara
Solidbase was entrusted to fulfil the quality assurance roll for this €25 million project. After producing the quality manual together with other forms such as were inspection forms, we had a three man team on site continuously from April 2016 to January 2018 with the support of our engineers and quality office staff.


Institute of Engineering and Transport, MCAST, Paola
Fulfilling the role of Quality Assurance Manager, Solidbase created a Quality Plan for the project as well as all quality assurance services including checklists and monthly reports. A full-time quality inspector was provided with a quality expert on hand providing support.