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Coast road

Coast Road
Costing 53 million Euro, the works on the 7.3 km stretch of road linking Pembroke to Bugibba focused on the widening of the road to make way for dual-lane northbound and south bound carriageways. This carriageway also incorporates bicycle lanes, carriage-way division crash barriers, and other safety features. Co-funded through the European’s Union’s Cohesion Fund, the project was completed in 2015. Solidbase is proud to have provided both Quality Control and Quality Assurance duties.

SR Technics
are expanding their operations at Malta International Airport. The project comprises a multi-bay hangar for narrow- and wide-body aircraft. This is a design and build contract for an aircraft maintenance facility. With a contract duration of 365 days and a completion date in 2021, the project covers 25,000 m² of roof area and an apron of
20,000 m². Worth €36,800,000 (excluding VAT) and employing 5 subcontractors, Solidbase Laboratory was entrusted with Quality Control and Quality Assurance of this the this prestigious job. A team of our engineers and support staff have been permanently posted on site.

Wied Fulija

Wied Fulija
The disused rubbish dump on the south coast of Malta is scheduled to become natural park. Works started in 2019 and are expected to be concluded by the end of this year. Processed construction waste and excavated earth are compacted to create a harmonious landscape to cover the millions of tonnes of waste that had been dumped in this landfill for decades. A rain-water harvest reservoir is being built to collect and reuse run-off rain water. Quality is essential for such large-scale landscaping works to avoid landslides among other potential issues. Solidbase Laboratory has been appointed to ensure the quality of construction works. It also tests all material used on site and monitors the site works.

Santa Lucia / Tarxien Round About & Underpass
(Node SA11)
Description of works: Upgrading and widening of road network

Completion date: 13th January 2020
Project cost: €15 Million

SBL carried out quality assurance and quality control duties. 


Qrejten breakwater, Marsaxlokk
Solidbase was entrusted with quality assurance and quality control responsibilities for a €4,000,000 marine environment project on Qrejten breakwater at Marsaxlokk. This project consists of construction of deck slab, wave wall, rock armour and lighthouse. A quality plan including inspection forms was drawn up internally. Our quality inspector was present on site on fulltime basis, providing guidance on quality-related issues. The project started in June 2019 and finished in December 2020. 

Construction of a footbridge, access ramps, pedestrian lifts and pavement at Blata l-Bajda

Solidbase was entrusted with QA and QC roles on this 2 million Euro EU-funded. The project consisted of casting of piles, precast columns, foundations, and fabrication and erection of the steel structure. The project was started in September 2019 and completed over a 10-month period.


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